• Social Yoga Tuesdays

    "Even though I could only meet him briefly during his yoga class, Richard made a great impression on me.

    He is one of those rare people who are not afraid of following their vision and making something special and willing to share this energy with others :)

    He's able to set a familiar atmosphere amongst people who are strangers to each other at the beginning, this was absolutely stunning. Thank you"                 View Events

  • Yoga Dating

    Followed by a social - of course!

    My truly unique creation! What better way to meet someone then when you are killer relaxed, full of feel good hormones and having engaged with a shared experience together?

    As well as being great fun there is a proper personal development edge to this class as we are working to meet people of the opposite sex from a more conscious and 'embodied' place.                       View events

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Yoga Rave London #4 + Social! July 12th

Oh my goodness, myself and 3 other special Yoga souls have put together another amazing night for Yoga Rave #4 Not to be missed ever!

We’ve got the immense Daniela OIds, Pepa Ubera, Otto sound therapy providing the sound bath and DJ Middle, and a social to follow as well! Be there or you need to take a good look in the mirror! This one sells out early.

Read More and book!

Creative Yoga London - Yoga Rave

Creative Yoga at Morning Glory West London Launch! July 9th

I love teaching at the Morning Glory Sober Raves. Yoga there is probably everything it’s not meant to be – so I love it lol! It’s noisy, busy, people drop in and out, it’s spontaneous and it’s fun!

I flow with the people I have in front of me doing solo, partner and humandala yoga – and whatever else creatively moves through me.

Ready? Richard Brook of Creative Yoga London at Morning Glory - Rave your way into the Day

Learn to Meditate and the Body-mind Connection

Drawing on 20 years experience in many meditative practices and my work on the Body-mind connection, this course provides practical meditation techniques as well as understanding a whole lot more about the ‘contents of your mind!’

Drop-in spaces are occasionally available – check the event page for info


Creative Yoga London featured in National Press
Yoga Dating in: Daily ExpressOm ExchangeIndigo MemoirsDaily MailMetroSky News, Time Out, Yoga Rave: Om Exchange, Social Yoga Indigo Memoirs 


Hi I'm Rich, director of Creative Yoga London

Thanks for dropping by. The art of the yoga that I teach here is one of awareness, relaxation, release and fun. My classes create a heartwarming sense of wellbeing which facilitate the body to unwind and release, no need to push or force - we do enough of that in our daily lives!

I also believe that the harmony that yoga translates to extends to how we engage with people around us, so my unique Social and Singles classes are followed by socials so you can share some of that warmth.

Take care and see you soon!
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