• New Classes!

    We're outrageously thrilled to announce our latest potent and unique classes! Rich with his groundbreaking Couples Yoga and Mayan with 2 new Vinyasa Flow classes.

    Clinical Psychologist Julia Lay leading the amazing Ecotherapy; Mindfulness in Nature.

    Michael Arnold delivers his (literally mind altering) Presence Meditation, if you like Eckhart Tolle you will Love Michael. We’ve been getting stunning reviews already!

  • Social Yoga Tuesdays

    "Even though I could only meet him briefly during his yoga class, Richard made a great impression on me.

    He is one of those rare people who are not afraid of following their vision and making something special and willing to share this energy with others :)

    He's able to set a familiar atmosphere amongst people who are strangers to each other at the beginning, this was absolutely stunning. Thank you"                 View Events

  • What happens at Yoga Dating?!! Next; May 1st


Creative Yoga London! Founded by Richard BrookCreative Yoga London! Founded by Richard Brook


You’ll always have differences with your partner, so finding things that connect you together are priceless!



3 Immense teachers, DJ, sound healer, 5Rhythms® dance wave and the most fun you’ll ever have on a yoga mat


Yoga Rave #6 with 5Rhythms® May 13th

After the immense rave #5 with nearly 100 of you having a magical time we’re back! This time, as well as the fabulous Kat Pugowska blending her DJ skills with leading a 5Rhythms dance we’ve also, for the first time, got a proper bonafide meditation slot with Michael Arnold leading his presence meditation.

So what a combination! Yoga Rave with dance & meditation. If this isn’t evolutionary yoga for the modern day urban Londoner then I’ll eat my yoga mat. Early bird tickets at just £17.50 on sale now or bring a friend for just £30. BEAT THAT!

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Yoga Rave with 5Rhythms with Creative Yoga London

5 Elements Acupuncture

Rich is one of London’s leading 5 Elements Acupuncturists. 5 Elements differs from other types of Acupuncture as it gives equal precedence to all levels of your being in relation to your overall health. Alongside physical we look at your mental, emotional, ‘spiritual’ wellbeing, as well as, crucially, your connection with your world around you. Your occupations and relationships all contribute to your wellbeing and who you are.

Special Offer!: book a treatment and try any yoga class for free!

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Watch Rich as Holistic Expert on Trusseau TV

In his regular appearances so far he’s discussed the philosophy behind his yoga and wellbeing classes; how acupuncture works and what it can treat; the challenges of the modern urban lifestyle (in particular connection with other people) and the Native America style Sun Moon Dances he attends – where you dance for 3 days without food and water! More on those here.

We’d also like to say thankyou to everyone who gave to the ITV Text Santa appeal – we did the yoga part of it – great fun!’

Back on Trusseau TV Soon!

Creative Yoga London featured in National Media
Yoga Dating in: Daily ExpressOm ExchangeIndigo MemoirsDaily MailMetroSky News, Time Out, Yoga Rave: Om Exchange, Social Yoga: Indigo Memoirs 

Richard Brook of Creative Yoga London
Hi I'm Rich, director of Creative Yoga London

Thanks for dropping by. The art of the yoga that I teach here is one of awareness, relaxation, release and fun. My classes create a heartwarming sense of wellbeing which facilitate the body to unwind and release, no need to push or force - we do enough of that in our daily lives!

I also believe that the harmony that yoga translates to extends to how we engage with people around us, so my unique Social and Singles classes are followed by socials so you can share some of that warmth.

Take care and see you soon!
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