Singles Yoga & Social

Dating yoga is actually a lot of fun. Any reservations I may have had before the class disappear quickly. With each partner I have a good laugh. After the class we’re encouraged to change out of our gym gear and go for a drink in the bar next door. The up close and personal yoga has been an effective ice-breaker.” Hannah Britt (Daily Express)

Even though everyone in the room is a complete stranger, thanks to Richard’s positive energy it doesn’t feel overly strange to be doing things you’d only normally do with people you’ve known five years, let alone five minutes…the change in everybody’s demeanour after class is tangible. People are more relaxed, less awkward around each other and invariably have a shared experience to talk about, which makes it much easier to speak to people. 30 Blind Dates Blog


These classes are extremely addictive, they’re suitable for all, fun, gentle, ridiculously relaxing and makes socialising afterwards much easier as it opens your Heart energy. Proceed with optimism!

This rocks as a singles event as in the space of one evening you’ll get chance to have physical contact, look someone in the eyes, hold hands, laugh, and share from your Heart. With more than one partner!

And afterwards you get chance to socialise over a drink feeling much more relaxed than normal. I’d imagine some people don’t even get this kind of quality contact over the course of years let alone in one evening!

If your only memories of speed dating, networking and singles parties are a bunch of talking heads, you should try Yoga Dating. Watching people move, interact, succeed and fail tells you more about them than a sterile bar event. The team has really discovered something here, I’ll be back. As a guy, I’ve spent the last decade boxing and lifting weights to work out my emotions. However, I always end up more stressed than when I started. My sister convinced me to try Yoga; I feel great! James (Participant)

Yoga Dating connection games with Creative Yoga London Yoga Dating with Creative Yoga London

Move over Bikram we’ve got the Hottest Yoga in Town!

While our event is ‘hot’ enough that we got nominated for Most Original Dating Event at the UK awards, to put your mind at ease it’s important to note that the actual class is not like some of the styles of yoga we can see today. You will not be standing looking serious, feeling self-conscious and dripping sweat on each other and then expected to make awkward conversation in the pub after – the whole class with it’s interactive nature works to relax you and form connection (and the risk of sweat is also minimal!)

Rotating Partners

We’ll keep you rotating between partners with fun partner yoga exercises so you’ll keep moving around and work with different people throughout the event.


Also included are more subtle connection exercises – and sometimes a chance to share about your experience with a partner.

We also work during the class to facilitate you to feel comfortable in your own body and the intention is to maintain that sense of peace and relaxation when you engage with others. This is a metaphor and awareness exercise for life – how often do we meet people and tighten up in our body? We are practising being embodied, connecting and being relaxed at the same time. This is very good for you!

This kind of awareness provides a sense of enrichment and nourishment – which is often lacking in most of our distraction fuelled experiences we have in our regular dating life

Feeling like a kid again! As we laughed our way through trying to get into some of the poses, I couldn’t help feeling like I was back in gym class and we were playing around freely. It was an awesome feeling! Indra (Om exchange)

Am looking forward to it – this is challenging for me, but what the hell what is yoga without stretching the boundaries of connection!! Sechi (Participant)

Images below (l to r) Hayley Quinn – leading U.K dating coach at Yoga Dating; Partner meditation; Connection Exercises

Yoga Dating with Richard Brook  Yoga Dating with Creative Yoga London

IS THIS YOGA? – Read Richard’s Blog here

 So the evening will flow something like this….

-Initial Relaxation
-Partner Yoga sequences (rotating partners)
-Connection exercise
-Active listening (in pairs)
-Deep relaxation
-Pub Social

Moving between partners made for a really good social vibe. You had to communicate a lot with each other during each pose and most of the time everyone ended up in fits of laughter! Indigo Memoirs (London Events Review)

Singles Yoga Social with Creative Yoga London Singles Yoga Social Creative Yoga London

Thanks for a great class – it was really fun. I always get told I’m bad at eye contact so a good opportunity to work on this too! Emily (Participant)

Thanks to Richard and all the yogic daters from last night. I had an amazing time! There was a great positive energy in the room and the group was very friendly and fun. Partner yoga is a wonderful way to break down barriers that can build between us and others, especially in a large city like London. Karine (Participant)

Very relaxing, good atmosphere, good laugh, and great teachers! John (Participant)


Being “Embodied”  Singles Yoga – What to Expect
Quality Time Attendees Feedback

I had an excellent evening. It was friendly and fun. There were lots more men than in your average yoga class, which was great.

There are Yoga mats available so don’t worry about bringing one! But do please wear something loose!

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