Yoga Rave London #6! with 5Rhythms®

*Please note this event is not currently scheduled as I’m currently working abroad, Thanks Richard

Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® DanceWe don’t mess about here folks – you’d better get your parents on Speed dial as this one could be a life changer! This will be amazing – if you thought the first 4 were fantastic then wait till you experience this one! Creative Yoga London brings you the most spectacular total ultimate yoga event ever – like a yoga Christmas – in a MASSIVE venue (we can get 100 people in there) taking your feel good factor to EXTREME levels!

In an unbelievable turn of events our superstar DJ for the evening Kat Pugowska will also be teaching a 5Rhythms® wave at the end so after your body is as open as it’s ever likely to be you can see what it feels like to REALLY dance!

So yes, we live in London folks and the yoga you need is of course inner harmony, relaxation and feel good hormones but you also need to try a creative fusion of banging great music, fun, connection and immense creativity bought to you by some of the most innovative and talented yoga teachers in London!

Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® Dance

Request Slot!

Ever had a secret yearning to Downward Dog to Snoop Dog? Hero Pose to Enrique? Cow face pose to Madonna? Or just wish that your teacher would play some cool music you love? In what must surely be a first, there will also be a slot where you can request BOTH a favourite posture and song and we will give you a shout out and teach it during the class! Email your requests to Mwah!

Put simply folks, this event completely rocks. What more do you need to know?

Line up

RICHARD BROOK (Creative Yoga London)
Yoga: Partner, Humandala, Immense Relaxation:
Sounds: Indie Alternative

MAYAN PATEL (Creative Yoga London)
Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Yoga & Creative Movement:
Sounds: Eclectic Funk

MICHAEL ARNOLD (Creative Yoga London)
Presence Meditation
Sounds: Inner Silence and Peace!


KAT PUGOWSKA (BareSouls 5Rhythms®)
Superstar DJ, 5 Rhythms teacher

Sound Bath Meditation

Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® Dance


£17.50 Early Bird
£30.00 Early Bird – Bring a Friend!

(As soon as we sell out of the allocation of early bird tickets we move onto standard price below! – move quickly!)

£22.50 Standard
£40.00 Standard Double Ticket – Bring a Friend!

(please note this event will sell out in advance!)

Main Hall
Haverstock School
24 Haverstock Hill
Chalk Farm
London NW3 2BQ

T. 0207 267 0975

Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm (The school is opposite the station!)

Map link 

Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® Dance


RICHARD BROOK (Creative Yoga London)

Holistic expert, acupuncturist and founder of Creative Yoga London – as seen in National Press. Richard specialises in ‘yoga that connects’ including Social Yoga Tuesdays, Yoga Dating and many more immensely innovative and creative events here in London! You may also have spotted Richard teaching yoga at the wicked Morning Glory Raves in East London

“Richard made a great impression on me. He’s able to set a familiar atmosphere amongst people who are strangers to each other at the beginning, this was absolutely stunning. Thank you”

MAYAN PATEL (Creative Yoga London)

Mayan has quickly become one of Creative Yoga London’s favourite teachers. His style is Vinyasa Flow, but he’s an expert in embodied moving and has you feeling so comfortable in your body you’ll be wanting to stay in it for EVER! Mayan’s speciality is also creative movement and be warned he will have you moving around the room off your mat! But you’ll feel like you’re floating so it’s all good.

MICHAEL ARNOLD (Creative Yoga London)

Michael says ”It is so easy to define your identity by the content of your mind – who you think you are. There is however a depth to you that goes far beyond words, far beyond mind. This is the realm of peace and oneness that we can only access when the mind becomes still.

Michael’s presence meditation helps you to connect with the ever present stillness that is your true nature. Sounds good hey!

KAT PUGOWSKA (bodyminder or visit BareSouls on Facebook)

Kat was born in Poland and is a certificated 5Rhythms® Teacher She has been dancing and practicing the 5Rhythms® seventeen years now and teaches the regular 5 Rhythms class on Friday nights in Haverstock School. She has degree (BA hon.)in Pedagogy of Health with specialization in Creative Arts Therapy as well as Diploma of Academy of Alternative Psychology. She is a member of Polish Psychologists Association and works as an art/dance therapist in London and abroad.


Francisco provides an amazing Sound Bath experience of sound and vibration. He intuitively improvises Himalayan Bowls, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs. For those not familiar the term “Sound Bath” is used because you are “bathed” in the vibrations of these beautiful instruments.

Possibly worth the admission money on it’s own!


Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® Dance   Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® Dance   Creative Yoga London - Yoga Rave   Creative Yoga London Rave with 5Rhythms® Dance


Creative Yoga London Yoga Rave

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